Pay it forward for animals

For thousands of years, humans have exploited animals. The horse, cow, donkey, and ox are known as the beasts of burden. The exploitation has now engulfed every species of animal and insects on earth. The Earth is stained with the blood of animals that die every day for humans. Hundreds of species will become extinct this year because humans have become greedy.

Humans use to give thanks for the flesh they ate, now they buy the flesh and meat of animals without a second thought. If humans do not want to work, they exploit animals for cheap and easy labor. Animals are over bred just so humans can put a few dollars in their pockets. New medicine is created everyday that is tested on caged animals, and humans don’t even need the medicine; but because we are so bored as a species, we fill ourselves with pills instead of fixing the all the things that are wrong in this world.

When do we pay the animals back? When do we pay it forward? Have humans become such a machine that compassion is no longer a feeling?

The Earth that becomes void of animals will not make man happy. The only true happiness mankind has is because of the animals. Humans would not have survived without the animals. When will mankind awake to see the damage it has created? Will it be too late?Image